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Ashden is a charity that champions and supports the leaders in sustainable energy to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world. Our annual Awards Ceremony is the highlight of our year – but ourwork goes far beyond our awards. We push for the changes needed to roll out sustainable energy solutions to those who need them most, and drive our winners forward. For more information visit

Read more about the partnershipCelebrating success: The Ashden Awards uncover and reward the most exciting sustainable energy pioneers in the UK and developing world, who are leading the way to a thriving low-carbon future. Our winners don’t just receive prize money – we also give them a global platform to promote their work and access to our elite community of sustainable energy leaders.

Helping our winners grow:
Working with expert partners, we offer our winners a package of support to help them expand. This istailored to each winner and ranges from mentoring, business and technical guidance to introductionsto finance. We also help broker partnerships between winners, so they can increase their impact.

Sharing best practice
We provide ways for our Award winners to share their expertise, encouraging others to follow their lead. These include our flagship LESS CO2 mentoring programme for schools in the UK, our support to the Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective, as well as conferences and other events. Our online resources section also offers a wealth of detailed information about sustainable energy technologies,as well as inspiring videos and photos.

Influencing policy
To move closer towards our low-carbon vision we need tangible, powerful examples to inspire othersto act. We champion our winners’ solutions through events, publicity, research and engagement in policy consultations, and we work with our winners to help them better understand how to influence energy policy.