Global LEAP – The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership


The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) is a voluntary forum that brings together governments and implementing organizations to share knowledge and best practices around a set of commonly held principles that encourage self-sustaining commercial markets for energy access solutions, with a particular focus on affordable, quality assured off-grid lighting. Global LEAP grew out of the Clean Energy Ministerial’s energy access initiative and expanded to launch.

The 10 members of Global LEAP included the U.S. Department of Energy; Italy’s Ministry of Land and Sea; the World Bank; the International Finance Corporation; the UN Foundation; The Energy and Resources Institute; the African Development Bank; the Global Environment Facility; the UN Development Program; and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry. The program’s structure includes activities in five main areas: product quality assurance, finance across the supply chain, market intelligence, consumer education, and policy.

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