International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

iecThe International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leading not-for-profit organizationthat publishes globally relevant International Standards for all electrical, electronic and relatedtechnologies, supports all forms of conformity assessment, and administers four Conformity Assessment Systems. The IEC brings together 166 countries representing 98% of world population and 96% of world energy generation.

Learn more about the Energy Access Practitioner Network – IEC partnership here.

The IEC has made a formal commitment to the Sustainable Energy for All initiative to facilitate access to sustainable energy standards for various stakeholders in developing countries.

To this end, the IEC, World Bank Group, and United Nations Foundation have worked together to offer a package at a discount for qualifying practitioners from countries that are participating in the Sustainable Energy for Initiative – with the caveat that the few countries not yet in the IEC Family join the Affiliate Country Programme free of charge to benefit from the package.

The package includes access to important technical documents in the Technical Specification IEC/TS 62257 series that support energy access through a range of technologies for rural electrification in developing countries, including IEC 62257-9-5, a publication on a selection of stand-alone lighting kits for rural electrification. More information on these documents can be found here.

A number of discounts remain available for interested entities, ranging between 50% and 75%. To find out if you qualify for this offer, please complete the online questionnaire here.