Power Africa


power-africaPower Africa works with African governments, the private sector, and other partners such as the World Bank and African Development Bank to add more than 30,000 megawatts (MW) of cleaner,more efficient electricity generation capacity in sub-Saharan Africa. By expanding mini-grid and off-grid solutions and building out power generation, transmission, and distribution structures, Power Africa will make electricity access available for 60 million household and business connections. At the same time, Power Africa will enhance energy resource management capabilities, allowing partner countries to meet their critical energy needs and achieve sustainable, long-term energy security.

The UN Foundation, through the Energy Access Practitioner Network, is one of 26 founding members of ‘Beyond the Grid’, a sub-initiative under Power Africa that was launched out of the recognition that large grid extensions alone cannot deliver electricity to all Africans. Beyond the Grid is focused on delivering electricity through off-grid energy solutions, with a commitment to invest over $1 billion to bring electricity to at least 20 million households and businesses. The UN Foundation’s 2000-member strong Energy Access Practitioner Network will help Power Africa and ‘Beyond the Grid’ advance the policy and regulatory frameworks necessary to overcome recurring constraints and create an enabling environment for greater access to financial and technical assistance historically not available to small energy businesses.