ECOWAS: Clean energy mini-grids for West Africa

The interest for clean energy mini-grids based on the use of locally available renewable energy sources has been growing in West Africa with at least 268 systems already operational. Governments of ECOWAS member states see CEMG deployment as a way to improve the power sector and expand electricity access. However, the lack of clear policy and regulatory instruments is, still today, a main barrier for its large-scale deployment.

Upon request of the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), the EUEI PDF, financed by the European Commission and six EU member states, has been supporting ECOWAS governments to reach the declared goal of 60,000 CEMG units by 2020 (see also EREP). Two main components – capacity building and technical assistance to ECOWAS governments – build the framework of the support project. It neatly meshes with a second EUEI PDF project in the ECOWAS region to help build a renewable energy tariff calculation toolbox.

A recent workshop brought together renewable energy experts of all ECOWAS member states in Abuja, Nigeria to discuss current CEMG policy and regulatory frameworks and the design of renewable energy tariffs. Learn more about the project: