Tools and Resources – February 2017

The Global Solar Atlas launched by the World Bank and the International Solar Alliance

This free, web-based tool helps investors and policymakers identify potential sites for solar power generation virtually anywhere in the world. The tool displays annual average solar power potential, and has the capacity to zoom into areas in great detail (with a spatial resolution of 1 km, or 0.6 of a mile).

The tool also provides access to high resolution global and regional maps and geographic information system (GIS) data, enabling users to print poster maps and utilize the data in other applications.
This will help governments save millions of dollars on their own research and provide investors and solar developers with an easily accessible and uniform platform to compare resource potential between sites in one region or across multiple countries.
The Atlas, unveiled at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, serves as an example of the World Bank’s commitment to ISA and to scaling up renewable energy in client countries.
The tool can be accessed here. For more information, please click here.

Energypedia Community Answers (ECA) Launched

Energypedia recently announced its new feature “Energypedia Community Answers (ECA)”, a unique service that allows users to propose trending issues in the renewable sector that need to be featured on energypedia. Energypedia along with its community will then work to collect information on these topics and feature them as articles on energypedia.
Want to suggest a topic? Please choose one of the following options:

Along with proposing new topics, energypedia also invites users to contribute with new articles by sharing their knowledge on these trending topics.

RES4Africa: New Strategic Project

Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa – RES4Africa – is a leading platform for public-private dialogue in the Sub-Saharan energy context. It is a network of key international energy stakeholders – utilities, industries, agencies, technical service providers and top academia – engaged in promoting clean tech solutions in the Sub-Saharan Africa. RES4Africa is a spin-off project of RES4Med association.

RES4Africa’s mission is to support the deployment of renewable energy, both large scale and distributed energy, energy efficiency solutions, and their integration in local and regional markets to satisfy local energy needs. For further information, please visit RES4Africa website.