Doorstep Services

The Energy Access Practitioner Network brings tools and resources “to the doorstep” of our members to support their work. The focus of the Practitioner Network is on supporting approaches that emphasize quality and sustainability of approach. In particular, there is strong innovation in this sector at present, with new technologies, business models and financing mechanisms under development. We serve to help mainstream those technologies that clearly have potential for strong positive impact for consumers and communities.

The Practitioner Network is a platform and a resource for its members in today’s rapidly evolving energy sector. In multiple surveys of the Network, members cited the Network’s ability to facilitate global sharing of peer-to-peer knowledge as immensely valuable. But we’re only as good as our members make us, so we urge you to interact with us — join our webinars, calls, and conferences; use our tariffs database and investment directory, and connect with us on social media!


Through our webinars, members present their specific experiences and studies, outlining challenges and successes relevant to their specific focus regions and sectors. Past webinars have examined everything from how innovative supply chains catalyze the delivery of decentralized energy services, to how islands are accelerating a clean energy future, to an exclusive Spanish language webinar examining the road to universal energy access in Latin America and the Caribbean region. Email us if you would like to propose a webinar topic or join an upcoming webinar.

Monthly Calls

The network provides “doorstep” services through direct, real-time interaction between Practitioner Network members via international conference calls organized on a monthly basis. Members present their work to peers, report on new initiatives and provide updates on progress made and successes achieved. Current members can contact Ruchi Soni at to propose a presentation.

Workshops and Conferences

The Network holds in-person workshops and member gatherings around international meetings and events, including activities of our country affiliates, to encourage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and highlight the work of our members.

Tariffs Database

The Import Tariff and Barriers to Entry Database, created by the UN Foundation in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy and the World Bank, provides members with a comprehensive overview of import duties and barriers to entry for sustainable energy products at the country level. We encourage you to submit your comments on the Tariffs Database; moderated comments will be posted on the website.

Member Surveys

Members are invited to participate in the Energy Access Practitioner Network annual surveys, which highlight our members’ accomplishments and broadcast their funding needs to the wider sustainable development community, as well as collect data for the sector as a whole. Our 2014 Survey, Growing the Network: Building Impact, illustrates the growing reach and impact of our members, who have reported providing decentralized energy solutions to over 230 million people in their organizations’ lifetimes.

Investment Directory

In 2013, the Practitioner Network compiled an Investment Directory, showcasing the clear need in the sector for a wide range of financing, from fully commercial to fully concessional, of more than $250 million over the following 12-18 months. In 2015, the Practitioner Network will be undertaking a second edition of the Investment Directory, to also include a specific focus on the needs of the companies working on mini-grid projects within the broader assessment of the needs in the decentralized energy sector, as well as develop specific profiles of companies seeking funding. The directory, consisting of a summary report and an online, searchable database, is expected to be completed by December 2015.

Monthly Newsletter

Through our monthly newsletter, we offer a forum for members to highlight their successes, funding needs, and events, as well as offer network and sector-wide insights into news and trends in energy access innovations, policy-making and financing nationally and globally. Email us your contributions for the newsletter using our recommended guidelines.

Social Media

We’re using social media to amplify the work of our network and highlight your cross-sectoral impact and contribution to sustainable development and universal energy access by 2030. We encourage you to use the Network’s Twitter and Facebook platforms as a way to convene, connect, and collaborate on energy access. Have an idea for a Twitter chat or other digital media event? Contact us!


We engage in formal and informal advocacy on behalf of our members’ work to provide decentralized energy services to the 1.1 billion people without access to electricity. We provide recommendations and insights for catalyzing the delivery of decentralized energy services to a range of global knowledge and policy-making platforms such as the Sustainable Energy For All’s Global Tracking Framework, the Global Status Report from REN21 and the World Bank’s State of Energy Access Report, among others.

Strategic Partnerships

Where the Practitioner Network cannot directly assist in addressing barriers to scaling the energy access sector, it builds partnerships with others to implement needed change. To learn more about the Practitioner Network’s active collaborations, please visit our Partners page. Want to propose a potential partnership with another member of the network? Email us!
Would a resource or tool help you better serve your communities? Let us know!