The Issue


Clean energy entrepreneurs and service providers (the “practitioners”) are on the frontlines of ongoing global efforts to deliver cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy services to some of the most remote, underserved and marginalized communities. The Practitioner Network helps amplify the voices of practitioners as stakeholders in high level decision-making, and facilitates an improved understanding of the global policies and opportunities for all stakeholders, especially businesses and non-profits, in providing energy access in their national and international contexts. In this way, the Practitioner Network is helping the communities and customers served by its member to embrace the myriad development benefits that access to energy can provide. The Practitioner Network’s membership has already made a significant impact: members reported providing over 21 million individuals with decentralized energy solutions in 2013-2014. The same organizations confirmed reaching over 230 million individuals throughout the organizations’ collective lifetimes, highlighting the significant impact they have already had in the decentralized energy sector.

Achieving Sustainable Energy for All by 2030 requires credible means to track and measure progress.

To measure the impact and progress of its members towards scaling energy access, as well as to monitor the success of its own role as their representative body, the Practitioner Network has been conducting annual member surveys since its inception.

Beyond the Practitioner Network’s membership and activities, the Sustainable Energy for All initiative’s Global Tracking Framework provides a comprehensive set of data and identifies 20 high-impact countries in Asia and Africa to help measure, track and monitor progress towards universal energy access by 2030.