About Us

The Energy Access Practitioner Network is the United Nations Foundation’s contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which aims to bring energy access to the 1.1 billion people around the world who still lack it and to help achieve United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7 of access to affordable, clean energy for all by 2030.  A global network of over 2,500 members representing small, medium, and large clean energy enterprises, civil society, government, and academia operating in over 170 countries, the Practitioner Network was established in 2011 to catalyze the delivery of modern energy services, particularly decentralized solutions for rural electrification.

To date, members of the Energy Access Practitioner Network report that they have helped deliver clean, reliable, and affordable energy solutions to millions globally. In 2014 alone, our practitioners reported almost 2.5 million installations completed and products sold, and over 21 million individuals provided with sustainable energy solutions.

We work with our members and partners around the world to:

Promote innovation in policy, technology, business and finance

The Energy Access Practitioner Network serves as a clearinghouse for innovation in the decentralized energy sector, helping to aggregate and share best practices and mainstream those approaches that show promise.

Amplify the voice of practitioners in high-level decision-making

The Energy Access Practitioner Network’s brings the voice of its members and the abundance of experience, lessons learned and data they represent to bear on country, regional and global high-level discussions around pathways to scaling up energy access, including around SEforALL and SDG7.

Facilitate increased funding and financing of decentralized energy solutions

The Energy Access Practitioner Network facilitates investment in the decentralized energy sector through match-making between energy entrepreneurs and investors and by increasing the visibility of both demand and supply for energy access financing.