Member Highlights – October 2017

Next Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) Forum set for May 2–3, 2018 in Portugal

The Sustainable Energy for All Forum returns in 2018 as the landmark, annual gathering celebrating the great work organizations and individuals all around the world are doing to bring affordable, clean energy to all and power a revolution in energy productivity.

On May 2–3, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, SEforALL will create a marketplace for leaders from government, business and civil society to discuss their successes and share ideas for replicating and scaling them.

Recent data on progress – including the launch of the Global Tracking Framework’s fourth edition on the delivery of universal access to modern energy services, doubling the share of renewable energy and doubling the global rate on energy efficiency improvements by 2030 – will be unveiled during the two-day event.

For more information, please contact and follow #SEforALLforum.

Solar Sister,  d.light and Omnivoltaic help 15-year-old boy in Puerto Rico raise funds for solar lamps

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico was left completely decimated by the 140 mph winds and 100% without power. The electrical grid was completely destroyed, and it is estimated that it will take 6-12 months until the power grid is fully operational.  To many Puerto Ricans without power, life has become harder than ever. A Puerto Rican grassroots effort led by a 15 year old from San Juan, the “See the Light, Feel Clean, Give Hope” (C+Feel = Hope) campaign aims to find a solution to these issues identified by Puerto Ricans in the midst of a crisis. Providing solar powered lights, mobile phone chargers and hand powered washers can create an immediate positive impact for thousands of families affected by Hurricane Maria.

A number of Practitioner Network members have come together around this campaign. Solar Sister is providing technical guidance and outreach support for ensuring that quality solar solutions reach the Puerto Ricans in need. d.light‘s staff and network is supporting the campaign. Omnivoltaic will donate solar lights and power products and offer assistance, to support the campaign. 100% of the proceeds will go towards purchase and delivery of solar powered lights, mobile phone chargers and hand powered washers to Puerto Ricans.  Campaign team will share updates from the ground with all the supporters.

For $100, you can provide solar light, mobile phone charger and non-electric portable washing solution for a Puerto Rican family in need. Visit the Indiegogo campaign to learn more and donate.

Mobisol gears up for growth with eight-digit US dollar SPV financing

Mobisol and two energy funds managed by responsAbility, a leading asset manager in the field of development investments, have signed an off-balance sheet debt deal. The cooperation will fuel the continued growth of Mobisol in Tanzania and provide financing for electrifying more than 15,000 households and small businesses.

The deal is one of the largest special purpose vehicle debt transaction structures in the off-grid solar sector. The innovative mechanics involve local special purpose vehicles (SPVs) that ring-fence receivables from specific Mobisol customers exclusively for the responsAbility-managed funds. The structure has been labelled MOOVE (MObisol Off-grid financing VEhicle).

Complicated intercreditor agreements that typically make on-balance sheet lending cumbersome are thereby avoided and Mobisol is now in a position to offer tailor-made debt financing solutions for future lenders. At the same time MOOVE is infinitely scalable, can easily be replicated in Tanzania and other countries and reduces transaction costs.

This financing mechanism is already attracting interest from further lenders and should greatly ease access to debt capital. At the aggregate level, MOOVE will be able to help structure what could become a completely new asset class in the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) universe, thereby attracting a new range of commercial and institutional investors who have been waiting for an easy and secure investment vehicle.

Angaza announces $10.5M Series B financing

Angaza, a Pay-As-You-Go technology platform that makes life-changing clean energy products affordable to off-grid consumers, has closed $10.5 million in Series B financing. The round was led by Emerson Elemental, and included investments from Rethink Impact, Salesforce Ventures, Social Capital, and the Stanford StartX Fund.

Through an innovative B2B business model, Angaza provides Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology solutions to solar device manufacturers and distributors worldwide. This technology makes it possible for off-grid consumers in emerging markets to purchase clean energy devices in small, affordable micropayments over time. Manufacturers utilize Angaza’s proprietary embedded software and hardware to add metering and monitoring capabilities to their solar devices; the devices then remotely activate and deactivate according to payment from the end-user. Distributors leverage Angaza’s comprehensive software platform to seamlessly manage their PAYG operations at scale.

The Angaza software suite consists of the Energy Hub cloud-based web portal and the Activator mobile application, which are designed to address the specific complexities of credit sales in rural emerging markets. Angaza’s technology also accommodates the increasingly sophisticated payment landscape of their target markets, allowing their distribution partners to accept mobile money payments from end-users in addition to traditional cash transactions.

Since Angaza’s commercial launch in early 2016, the company has rapidly expanded to work with distributors in over 30 countries spanning Latin America, India, and Sub-Saharan Africa. To date, their technology has allowed over 2 million people to transition to clean energy sources in their homes and small businesses. Angaza’s manufacturing partners produce PAYG products that range from small handheld solar lanterns to high-power battery banks with sophisticated accessories like televisions and refrigerators. In addition to solar lighting and charging systems, distributors use Angaza’s platform to offer consumer financing for adjacent product categories like solar water pumps, smartphones, and clean cookstoves, making a broad range of life-changing products affordable to end-users worldwide.

SunCulture’s new solar-powered water pump RainMaker poised to transform agricultural output

RainMaker, an innovative internet-connected solar water pump system introduced this month by SunCulture, is designed to help smallholder farmers in underserved communities improve agricultural productivity and profitability by providing a long-lasting, low cost solution to unreliable rainfall and lack of access to grid electricity.

RainMaker’s high-efficiency positive displacement pump lifts up to 7,000 liters of water per day from wells up to 100 meters deep (328 feet), offering substantial value compared to higher priced systems that can lift water only 10 meters. Using energy from the portable 120-watt solar panel and battery bank, RainMaker pumps enough water to irrigate a one-acre farm and support livestock and household water needs like drinking, cooking and cleaning.

RainMaker is both low-maintenance and highly efficient, providing farmers with high value fruits and vegetables while dramatically boosting profitability. Using RainMaker can help boost a farmer’s income to 1.2 million Kenyan Shillings ($11,538) annually compared to less than 300,000 Kenyan Shillings ($2,884) relying on rain fall.

SunCulture’s cutting-edge Climate Smart pump controller automatically optimizes pump performance and battery charging based on cloud cover?extending pumping by up to 6 hours on cloudy days. The controller includes long range, low power LoRa connectivity compatible with wireless soil and weather sensors that enable farmers to irrigate automatically based on soil moisture and climate conditions.

RainMaker is available in Kenya for 50,000 Kenyan Shillings ($480) including solar pump, controller, battery bank, portable solar panel and sprinkler. Delivery, installation, agronomy support and after-sales services are included in the price. RainMaker will soon be available on SunCulture’s Pay-As-You-Grow platform that will enable convenient installment payments via mobile phone.

New Practitioner Network members

Welcome to our new members who joined us this month:

Hydra Light International Pty Ltd

Hydrobee SPC

LTS International

Mars Battery Corporation

Mukkudam Electroenergy Pvt. Ltd.

Radiant Energy

Renewable Energy For All

Renewable Energy Producers Organization of Armenia

Schatz Energy Research Center

Siseng Consulting

TaroWorks LLC

Teamcoby Nigeria