New Tools & Resources – November 2015

Practitioner Network Partner Enable Impact Launches Website 2.0

In the first year Enable Impact built its free searchable platform, over 2,000 social ventures, 1,000 impact investors and 800 incubators, accelerators and mentors have joined the platform. The re-designed funding platform now offers Deals for Impact Investors and Funding for Social Entrepreneurs. New Investor Services help investors find and fund deals. Enable Impact now also offers Live Deals that have already secured funding from lead investors – and are now inviting others to co-invest alongside and complete the round. For social entrepreneurs and ventures, the new Capital Raising services help entrepreneurs get introduced to and funded by relevant investors.

New Global Wind Atlas

IRENA and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have launched a new dataset and suite of tools for the IRENA Global Atlas. The new dataset provides free wind data at resolution of 1 km, with statistics at 250 m resolution. The platform provides visual maps showing wind speeds at three different heights, and also includes tools to generate and export data and statistics such as wind roses and wind speed distributions over a chosen area. The dataset uses microscale modeling to capture wind speed variability on small scales, allowing for better estimates.