Our Work

The Energy Access Practitioner Network promotes the delivery of clean and affordable modern energy to catalyze sustainable development and change the lives and livelihoods of the 1.1 billion people who currently live without access – improving health, expanding economic opportunity, enabling education, decreasing vulnerability to violence, and empowering women.

We highlight our members’ challenges and opportunities, the needs they are confronting daily, and a range of policy, financing and technical recommendations they have identified as the roadmap for scaling towards universal energy access. The UN Foundation’s close relationship with the United Nations helps amplify the voices of practitioners as stakeholders in the communications between leaders in the private sector and UN agencies, and facilitates an improved understanding of the global policies and opportunities for businesses working towards energy access. In this way, the Practitioner Network is helping the communities and customers our members serve to embrace the myriad development benefits that access to energy can provide, supporting sustainable development for communities around the world.